First Post

Hi, I’m Ryan, and I am in the process of building Taskliner, an application that allows you to quickly manage your to-dos, while easily collaborating with others. This is the start of a journal that I will be keeping to document the process of building the product, and share both the insights and pitfalls that I encounter along the way.

My goals for this journal are to:

  • define the technologies that I'll be using to build the app, sharing my opinions on each and letting you know which ones I decide to use, and why
  • document the evolution of the user interface, posting design mocks in the hopes of receiving feedback, and maybe sparking some insightful design debates
  • share my thoughts and ideas about the product, how I plan to differentiate it from the various other to-do apps in a crowded market, and work through the process of refining the story for the app, and how best to position it
  • be transparent about the entire process, which includes sharing all hours and money invested into the project, as well as the good and bad times and how I plan to push through them
  • gain a clearer vision for the product by getting all of this stuff out of my head and into a public space, where it can be shared, evaluated, and discussed, all with the hopes that it will lead to a better product, that more people will love

This is the first time I've been this open with any of my projects. Really, this is the first time I've been this open–personally–online. I’m typically a pretty “keep your head down and work hard” kind of guy–I’m not one to discuss my opinions, nor jump into debates, online–but I'm hoping that going through this exercise, and being more open with my ideas and my process, I will be able to: gain a broader perspective; grow as developer/designer; make some new friends through conversations and debates; and–ultimately–create a better product.

I am also hoping that this will become a good resource for others who are trying to refine their ideas, or are in the process of building those ideas and making them a reality. I know I get inspired when I learn about the ideas and processes that go into projects, and hopefully this can be used to help inspire others.

With that, I welcome you to this journey, and I hope you'll come along for the ride.