Like so many things, Taskliner evolved from the need to find a better way to track and manage the things that I want to do in life. Whether those things be for work, or for play, I needed a system that worked for me.

I was previously using Do (http://do.com), and I liked the features that it offered, but unfortunately Salesforce shut it down earlier this year. After reviewing other comparable options on the market, I decided to create my own.

In order to make this idealistic system a reality, the following were required to make the dream come true:

I don’t foresee Taskliner being some sort of break-out success, considering how many other to-do apps are out there. But, I can say that I am going to be making Taskliner the best app for myself, and maybe it will work well for others who work like me. With that said, I hope you’ll give it a try, and if you like, that’s great. And, if there’s something else that you’d like added to it, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.